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How Information Work?

#Information is now a public property. It was once a property of few elite and powerful but it is now a property of everybody. Power, benefit and losses of information has been distributed.Information can not remain pure, during its journey but it also gets decayed being static. Human mind cannot remain isolated when it receives an information. It either assimilates, reacts and bend the information but it never destroys information. This is the period which requires attention to counter #propaganda and #fakenews. The propagandist, at this stage, enter in the information circle and add their lies and give it a twist, this process is called disinformation. After the information has been changed into disinformation, it gets wheel and travel at much faster speed than human has ever imagined. Information has its incubation period, limited cycle and then it results into something to end the circle. After it has resulted into something, it changes it’s form from urgency to dormant and it remains confined in its shell till it is needed for more research and better results. The priming effect of information is equally lethal in present day world.